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What Does a General Contractor Do?
A general contractor is the person who oversees a construction project. They are often hired by architects and engineers, but they can also work on renovations for homeowners.

A good general contractor will communicate with the project owner clearly throughout the process and be open to feedback. They should also have a safety program that is up to date and comprehensive.

GCs are responsible for planning the entire project, and they must ensure that the various stages of the project run smoothly to prevent cost overruns and delays. This includes creating a detailed budget and managing the costs of materials, labor, permits and other fees.

They must also hire and manage subcontractors and ensure that they are all on the same page. They must be sure that each subcontractor is properly supervised and trained to do their job.

In addition, they must be able to manage the overall project schedule and make adjustments as necessary. This can involve rescheduling construction crews and hiring extra help when needed.

GCs can also handle the coordination of the supply chain for large construction projects, including the movement of a substantial number of men and materials from place to place. This is a very important function and can greatly influence the success of a project.

A good GC will be passionate about the project and will try their best to meet all of the deadlines they have set. This can be very important because it shows that they are committed to the work and are trying to get it done on time.

They should be well versed in the building industry and have a lot of experience with construction and remodeling. This will help them ensure that the work is done correctly and is up to code.

In addition, a good GC will be familiar with the latest trends in construction and have a good understanding of how to make a building more energy efficient. This will be especially helpful when they are working on new buildings or renovating older ones.

Another important factor is the quality of the materials used on a project. These materials are a key component of the overall design and will impact the long-term performance of the structure. A good GC will be able to determine which materials are suitable for the job and how they will affect the project.

Lastly, a good GC will ensure that the job is completed to the satisfaction of both the project owner and the subcontractors. This will help them build a strong reputation and ensure that they will be able to continue doing work for years to come.

GCs are an important part of the construction industry and are vital to the success of many large and small projects. They must be able to manage the process of getting everything from permits to materials and subcontractors on the same page, while also making sure that the final product meets all of the goals of the owner and the architect or engineer.

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